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Tom Archer argues that eliminating homelessness by 2030, a key recommendation of the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, requires committed governments and an active civil society.

While working within Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem, Anne Hofhuis reports on the challenges the NGO sector faces as it tries to counter the destructive impacts of Israeli planning policies in the city.

Alia Dharssi caught up with sociologist Saskia Sassen at the London School of Economic’s Urban Age Conference in New Delhi on November 15th. She talks about the governance challenges facing the world’s cities today and the ways in which average people can voice their concerns in the face of big money.

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What 5 points teaches us about the creation of public space

The famed warehouse site in Queens, destroyed definitively last year, highlighted precisely how we engage democratically in the creation of public space, especially those that suggest alternative ways of forming a "public".

Tracing a line through a fractured Palestine

What should have been a simple walk to trace the route of an ancient aqueduct becomes fraught with geopolitical complexities as six hikers transgress the various spatial regulations that fragment the territory.

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