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Seven years after the introduction of Women-Only Metro carriages in Cairo, former resident Mae Wiskin explores what this intervention means for the city, public space and gender politics within Cairo and Egypt as a whole.

Witness' documentary People Before Profit portrays forced evictions around the world, expressing the trauma that citizens feel when their homes and possessions are violently taken from them.

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Relocation policies do not excuse forced evictions

Forced evictions are usually illegal, yet they are increasingly routine for many governments, assisted by international institutions. Rather than helping governments justify evictions, institutions need to steer governments towards true 'voluntarism'.

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On Cairo

Cairo governorate spokesman Khaled Mostafa acknowledges that the government is changing tactics: "instead of chasing them, the governorate has a new policy--trying to organise them. The old method of chasing them and confiscating their goods had catastrophic consequences..."

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