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Seth Kerr describes how new policies slowly tackle Nairobi’s gridlock and make it easier for people to walk and cycle.

Vanessa Watson and Babatunde Agbola discuss how the Association of African Planning Schools (AAPS) hopes to transform the continent's planning paradigm starting with the professional education system.

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Is Africa really urbanising rapidly?

It is common knowledge that sub-Saharan Africa is urbanising faster than anywhere else in the world ... but what if we're wrong?!

Politics needs to be part of the global urban agenda

Authorities meet in Nairobi this week to set the agenda for UN-HABITAT, but domestic politics makes a lot of that agenda impossible. How can we put domestic politics back on the table?

What role do city networks play?

In the world's wealthy regions, economic activity is articulated through networks uniting cities around the world. So shouldn't we also be looking to intercity networks as the key to international development?

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On Nairobi

It has been alarming to watch over the past two years how so many urban organisations have made the fashionable subject of climate change the focus of their work, dropping the ball on the many other profound urban challenges such as housing and livelihoods along the way.

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