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With one of the highest levels of air pollution of any city in the world, the Mongolian capital is learning how to reduce its levels of particulate matter and replacing tens of thousands of traditional heating stoves with cleaner alternatives.

Whereas governments are quick to scapegoat the chop bar owners of Accra, in reality they spend onerous sums of money on sanitation, an effort which should be supported by health policy.

While most are aware of the need for education and prevention, Noemi Reiner of ARCHIVE highlights the need for stable housing for people living with HIV/AIDS to lower transmission rates and reduce the physical and emotional risks of disease and stress.

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Worse than HIV: food running out in Nairobi's slums

While thousands struggle with HIV in Nairobi's slums, a growing national food crisis and the closure of food aid programmes due to lack of funding are a greater concern for afflicted residents.

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