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Tom Archer argues that eliminating homelessness by 2030, a key recommendation of the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, requires committed governments and an active civil society.

Frances Brill explains how innovative policy that targets 18- to 24-year-olds' struggles with finding affordable housing could be the key to igniting fervour for electoral politics among this group.

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Rapid urbanisation sparks debate on size of urban government

The idea of empowering city governments is a thrown around a lot these days in urbanite circles. But where should the line between local and higher levels of government begin and end? Alia Dharssi reports on the debate.

In favour of direct aid for cities

Despite growing numbers of international development organisations focused at the municipal level, donors are still reluctant to provide ODA directly to local governments.

Trashing democracy in Bogotá: the real issue behind the mayoral crisis

The career of Gustavo Petro, mayor of Bogotá, is on the line. While global media is focused on the implications for the piece talks, focusing on the fate of the informal recyclers involved reveals challenges for just and equitable cities.

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