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  2. Fast facts on the Dharavi redevelopment
  3. What do pop-up shops and homelessness have in common?
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By describing the important role of Shebeens in the informal settlements of Cape Town, Bronwyn Kotzen challenges our binary conception of the formal and informal city and prompts us to develop new ways of theorising and practicing planning and governance in African cities.

Frances Brill explains how innovative policy that targets 18- to 24-year-olds' struggles with finding affordable housing could be the key to igniting fervour for electoral politics among this group.

The idea of empowering city governments is a thrown around a lot these days in urbanite circles. But where should the line between local and higher levels of government begin and end? Alia Dharssi reports on the debate.

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  1. What do pop-up shops and homelessness have in common?
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  3. America's informal settlements: the campers of San Francisco
  4. The criminalisation of homelessness and informal settlements in US cities
  5. How Mumbai can make plans it may actually implement

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