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Simon Hicks charts the transformations that have taken place in London over the past 400 years against the physical backdrop of the city and considers what the emerging skyline can tell us about London today.

Seven years after the introduction of Women-Only Metro carriages in Cairo, former resident Mae Wiskin explores what this intervention means for the city, public space and gender politics within Cairo and Egypt as a whole.

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Urban housing policy can win the British general election

Frances Brill explains how innovative policy that targets 18- to 24-year-olds' struggles with finding affordable housing could be the key to igniting fervour for electoral politics among this group.

The Right to the City in the 21st Century

Alia Dharssi caught up with sociologist Saskia Sassen at the London School of Economic’s Urban Age Conference in New Delhi on November 15th. She talks about the governance challenges facing the world’s cities today and the ways in which average people can voice their concerns in the face of big money.

Death of a Suburban Dream, Compton CA

Emily E Straus takes on three critical issues which have shaped the Los Angeles suburb: the history of race and educational equity, the relationship between schools and place, and the intersection of schooling and municipal economies.

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