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War and terrorism

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After spending over six years conducting research on urban planning in Iraq, Sebastian Schulz and Niran Banna explore how war and terrorism turned a once-cosmopolitan city into a divided metropolis.

Unlike a wound to the body, the marks left behind a wound to a city may be of the city's own designs, in the form of a memorial. A memorial which Sam Valentine argues is now needed to restore dignity to the act of remembrance.

A chart doing the rounds of social media shows what a tangled mess the Middle East is. But if we tease it apart, we see a region neatly divided into two camps; it's just that one is divided amongst itself.

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Extract - Mogadishu Then and Now

In this extract from their forthcoming book, Rasna Warah and Mohamud Diriye recount the history of Mogadishu from its origins in Arab and Persian trade to the outbreak of civil war in 1991.

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