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Despite growing numbers of international development organisations focused at the municipal level, donors are still reluctant to provide ODA (official development assistance) directly to local governments, a situation which Rowan Fraser argues needs to change.

In a second review of issues raised at this month's World Urban Forum in Naples, we look at the progress being made to create enforcement mechanisms for the human right to adequate housing.

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Has our focus on housing distracted us?

Slum neighbourhoods are teeming with industry and commerce, yet the policy sphere still tends to treat them as residential spaces alone. What are the consequences of this misconception, and is it time to invoke a right to space, not just of housing?

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  1. How can we enforce the right to adequate housing?
  2. The global urban agenda must focus on employment and income levels
  3. Has our focus on housing distracted us?
  4. Partial housing solutions: one step forward or one step back?
  5. Our cities need global debate, not just politically correct ideas

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