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  1. Why do countries relocate their capital cities?
  2. On London's dying libraries
  3. Circular metabolism: turning regenerative cities into reality
  4. London's bus maps due for an overhaul

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Following the release of his book Capital Cities: varieties and patterns of development and relocation, Vadim Rossman explains the main trends and motivations behind a phenomenon as common as it is misunderstood.

Is public consultation a thing of the past? Alyssa Campbell takes us inside the City Innovation Game, a planning experiment in Buiksloterham, Amsterdam, that lets stakeholders create development scenarios interactively and in real time.

Tom Archer argues that eliminating homelessness by 2030, a key recommendation of the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, requires committed governments and an active civil society.

Simon Hicks charts the transformations that have taken place in London over the past 400 years against the physical backdrop of the city and considers what the emerging skyline can tell us about London today.


On London's dying libraries

With libraries increasingly likely to shutter their doors in the digital age, Zung Nguyen discusses the risks London faces as it emphasises public housing over other kinds of social institutions.


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  1. Why do countries relocate their capital cities?
  2. On London's dying libraries
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Why do countries relocate their capital cities?
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On London's dying libraries
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